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Our Life Together
Our Life in Service

Grow the Circle Wide: Capital Campaign

has begun!

The Commissioning Service for the CET and other task force members (helpers) will be on March 19 during our worship service. The Campaign will conclude on June 4 with a special Celebration Sunday event—and we know that we will have much to celebrate!

There will be many opportunities to learn more about the Campaign projects and how you can support them. Please consider prayerfully and thoughtfully how you can donate to

help Grow the Circle Wide.


The Grow the Circle Wide: Capital Campaign projects are:

  1. Enhance our outdoor space through the creation of a playground and outdoor worship space.

  2. Pay down the current building loan and establish a larger operating/capital reserve fund.

  3. Undertake kitchen renovations.

  4. Expand our mission to the LGBTQ community. 10% of the funds collected through the Capital Campaign will be designated for outreach and collaboration with other local organizations that serve the LGBTQ community.


Lenten Small Groups Have Begun!

Our Lenten small group series is called: 
Let it RAIN: Learning to Love Yourself and the World with the Practice of RAIN, based on the book Radical Compassion by Tara Brach.  

Small groups are now closed, but you can still follow along by watching Tara's videos on YouTube. Here is the first one.

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In August 2021 we began creating paper quilt squares, displaying panels in progress in Kaseman Hall. Now our family quilt, 120 squares strong, is a living memorial to the time of the COVID pandemic in the life of our congregation. It commemorates our losses, our challenges, our resilience and gives thanks to the Holy in the work of our hands.  


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Support The Living Faith Food Pantry

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Click HERE for the latest Community Reach monthly newsletter.
Click HERE for the 2021 Annual Report
Click HERE for the January 2023 report to Council
Click HERE to go to the Community Reach page
Click HERE for special and ongoing volunteer opportunities

What’s New at Community Reach of Montgomery County

Sunday, March 19, 10:45 a.m.

4th Sunday in Lent

Rev. Scott Winnette

Our worship is hybrid in-person and Zoom.  
The worship gathering begins at 10:30am and worship begins at 10:45am. 
Click HERE Sunday morning for the Zoom.
View past services HERE.

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Check out our new Social Justice Committee page.

OGHS is an RUC a special offering that is equally shared with our two denominations.  This offering goes to

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One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS)

support the wider mission of providing support to those whose life situations seem hopeless.  The offering helps the denominations offer food, water, medicines, education and opportunities for sustainable development.  The denominations partner with local and global missions in times of disasters, to address advocacy for the needy, and work with immigrants, migrants, and refugees. 

Click HERE to support this special mission! 

Thank you for your support of the church’s wider mission.

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