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Ways to support our Beloved Community  & Ministries

If you use Amazon Smile, we will get a percentage.

You may give electronically by check, credit, debit card, PayPal and using Amazon Smile. Please remember your pledges.


Send a check to RUC at:

355 Linthicum Street

Rockville, MD 20851


To support RUC long term, set up automatic check pay with your bank. Contact Bill Kirby ( to arrange payment automatically thru the VANCO program. 

Finance Committee

What We Do

Develop and present the annual budget to the council and congregation

Oversee church spending against budget

Receive and monitor pledge and other donations

Handle day-to-day finances

Track individual pledges and

gifts and provide quarterly statements to congregants


Oversee regular third-party audit

Provide volunteers to take weekly collections

Provide counters to tabulate collections and deposit funds

Oversee special funds

Get Involved!

The Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing the financial health of the church.  If you have financial or accounting experience, consider volunteering for this committee.

The committee also provides weekly counters and is always willing to train new volunteers!

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