RUC’s Alternative Giving program is a way you can give a gift to a friend, coworker or relative as you make

a donation to an overseas mission program


This Year’s Mission Program

The Children and Elder Sponsorship program of Global Ministries

Half of your donation will support a program for children and half a program for elders.  Age-appropriate services include meals, clothing, a safe place to live, basic health care, and school fees, uniforms, books and training.  Supporting children and elders with the love and services they deserve is one of the greatest gifts you can give!


Global Ministries will select the two programs they deem most in need of financial support.  100% of your donation will go to the programs selected and the money will be spent locally.


What’s New?

--The acknowledgment for those in whose names you donated will be an enclosure rather than a card

--The enclosure has both a Christmas and a New Year’s Greeting

--If you send Christmas cards, you can include an enclosure with them or mail the enclosure separately

--You can print enclosures with your printer and standard copy paper

--If you are not tech-savy, we will deliver or mail enclosures to you

How Alternative Giving Works

Donations will be accepted between now and January 7, 2021.  Once you’ve made a donation, you can print or request delivery of as many Alternative Giving enclosures as you’d like to send to the people in whose names you have donated.

Alternate Giving insert for Cmas cards 2

Simply write in the name of the person to whom you are giving the gift.  Sign your name and mail it off or give it to the recipient in person.



For PayPal, debit and credit card donations, click the icon to the left.  For checks, please make them out to “Rockville United Church” and mail to 355 Linthicum Ave., Rockville, MD  20851.
IMPORTANT:  For both forms of payment, please write or type “Alt Giving” on the memo area

If you’d like to have them sent or delivered to you, please email Carlotta Watkins (carlotta355@gmail.com) or Stephanie Wright (tef1230@me.com)