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Joining RUC

New to the church?  Been here awhile?  Are you interested in a greater connection?  Please let the Pastors or the Church Office know.  


Our marvelous Membership Committee hosts Inquirers/New Members Classes where you can learn more about Rockville United Church and our denominations, share your faith journey, and ask questions.  Once you have attended the class (one session only), you can choose whether you wish to join or not.  We put no pressure on you to join as we consider this a personal decision between you and God.   If a class doesn't work for your schedule, you can meet with the Pastors and Membership Chair privately.


If you wish to join, tell us about yourself, so that we can connect you within the congregation.  We will assign you a sponsor, who will introduce you to others, invite you to activities, and be there to guide you if you wish.   During a worship service we will receive you into membership.  We will welcome you with joy and thanksgiving as we become partners in the vital ministries of Rockville United Church.   


If you get excited about joining us and don't see a class on the calendar, please tell us!!!  We will respond.

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