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Membership Committee

What We Do

Arranges for greeters and hosts at welcoming table each week

Hosts meetings for prospective members

Provides name tags

Arranges sponsors for new members

Develops and implements community outreach

Collects visitor information and provides information on activities

Follows up with visitors

Maintains membership rolls

Develops ways to integrate new members into the congregation

How to Help

Invite neighbors and friends to worship and other activities

Serve as greeter at front door

Staff welcoming table before worship

Write notes to new visitors

Greet & talk with visitors before & after worship service

Cook breakfast for meetings for prospective members

Share personal faith journey at meetings for prospective members

Host receptions for new members

Sponsor a new member

Look for opportunities to reach out to those in the neighborhood

Mission: The Membership Team strives to create a welcoming atmosphere for all visitors to our church as
well as to attract new visitors from our community. Membership greets all new and returning visitors before
each service and works to guide visitors into membership and integrate new members into the congregation.

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