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Communications & Technology

Mission. Our mission is to provide a coherent, up-to-date, affordable technology infrastructure to support the work of Rockville United Church and to develop and manage outbound communications in support of RUC’s membership, events and accomplishments.

What We Do

  • Communications

  • Directories

  • Website  

  • e-Newsletter (The Buzz)

  • Church Information Software

  • Calendar Update

  • Public Relations

  • Communications

  • Social Media

  • Technology

  • Video Technology 

  • Sound System

  • Sermon Videos

  • Computers/Office Equipment

  • Banners and Signs

  • Telephone


There are many ways to contribute to Communications & Technology:

  • Keep one of our many Facebook pages active and up-to-date

  • Oversee church software updates

  • Review new technology and suggest upgrades

  • Provide tech support for presentations using the Smart TVs

  • Review office and church software to help keep us up-to-date

  • Provide communications about RUC to the wider comunity

  • Manage update of our visual story screens in the Narthex and Fellowship Hall

  • Take photos at events and upload to our Dropbox files

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