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Church Life Committee

Mission: To help RUC members grow in spirit and faith by providing ways for them to practice enjoying,
loving, caring and supporting one another. We nurture those in need of care in many ways and we help
celebrate our life together through events and fellowship activities.

Here are many of the ways you enjoy the fellowship of RUC:

Wednesdays at 7: The Church Life Committee has led Rockville United Church in an abundant potpourri of Wednesday evening activities online since the COVID-19 virus.   We have played played games like Bingo and Scattergories.  We have enjoyed public art presentations, the history of Community Reach of Montgomery County, ways to relieve anxiety, Spiritual Geography and more.  We have worked hard learning about White Privilege.   ENJOY OUR VIDEOS OF PAST EVENTS.

Help organize fellowship activities:  Dinners, after-church fellowship, dances, game nights, decorating night--or any other activity that is fun!

Celebrating Seniors: Our over 60 crowd hosts a monthly lunch (with summers off) of great food, a program and fellowship. You can contribute to the meal, help with decoration, or contribute to clean up. Or just come and enjoy the fun.

Support committee events:  This group helps all other groups at RUC organize receptions to support various events from Rally Day to special concerts and services.

Maintain kitchen:  Not glamorous but oh so necessary, this includes shopping for supplies, kitchen cleanups and keeping an eye on our kitchen.

EarthCare:  Our goal is to continue our greening efforts through sustainable landscaping, an energy-efficient building and good green practices. This is home to many of the church's best gardeners!

Building/Grounds upkeep:  We have several work days throughout the year to maintain our building and grounds. These are great collective work efforts and any skill level is welcome. Childcare is provided and our little ones often contribute to the outside work!

Retreats:  As a congregation, we value God's call to Sabbath, to retreat from work, to worship, to periods of silence, for art, nature, meditation, friendship.  We have a number of regular retreat opportunities and are quite open to more.  

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