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Our Church Life Committee has led Rockville United Church in an abundant potpourri of Wednesday evening activities online since the COVID-19 virus.   We have played played games like Bingo and Scattergories.  We have enjoyed public art presentations, the history of Community Reach of Montgomery County, ways to relieve anxiety, Spiritual Geography and more.  We have worked hard learning about White Privilege. 




Arts 1: Intro to Public Art with Liesel Fenner

Liesel Fenner is the Public Art Program Director at the Maryland State Arts Council. Here she presents a wonderful introduction to public art across the country.

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WEDNESDAYS AT 7, 11/10/21

Arts 2: For the Love of Paper

RUC friends will share their talents for creation on paper. Painting, Covid Quilt squares, making cards and collage. Open discussion on inspiration, materials, with questions and answers. How fun!

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WEDNESDAYS AT 7, 8/11/21

This week we heard Diana Butler Bass's interview with Andre Henry. Andre Henry is an award-winning singer-songwriter contending for the world that ought to be.

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WEDNESDAYS AT 7, 7/14/21

Join Kate Clausen MSW, LCSW-C
in a conversation - Coming out of Isolation: Re-entry fears and hopes.

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WEDNESDAYS AT 7, 5/26/21

Earth Care Conversation

Learn about Earth Care activities around us: our partnership with the Earth and Hands initiative at Dayspring, gardens of all kinds and hopes for RUC, Government and Faith actions.  

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WEDNESDAYS AT 7, 4/14/21

Transgender 101: A Guide to Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk

Dr. Donna Perry, Dr. LJ Ingram, Jean Gregory, and Alison Lepard will share their perspectives as an adolescent pediatrician, a transgender person, and relatives of transgender people.

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WEDNESDAYS AT 7, 3/10/21

How Do We Return to the RUC Building? 
Covid Task Force Report


How we make the decisions and how to understand vaccines...

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for vimeo video - Joni's national landma

WEDNESDAYS AT 7, 1/13/21

How I spent my (long ago) summer vacation: The National Parks Edition


Did you know there are 423 U.S. National Parks and historic sites? In this Wednesdays at 7 we explored 20 of them as 8 members and friends of RUC shared pictures and stories from their long-ago and more recent vacations. 

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WEDNESDAYS AT 7, 12/9/20

"Little Town of Bethlehem"


The RUC players presented  Little Town of Bethlehem, produced and directed by Kevin Smith. So much fun, such marvelous work. Enjoy!


WEDNESDAYS AT 7, 10/7/20

2020 Montgomery County Voting Forum
For people of faith, public policy is never merely politics. It is a way of living out our faith in the world.


A discussion about down ballot candidates and ballot questions, including a representative from The Poor People’s Campaign to talk about their positions. 

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Community Reach of Montgomery County

An ambitious mission outreach was formed in 1967 as two local churches merged to become Rockville United Church. Donna Perry presented CR’s incredible history and what they are doing today to help the most vulnerable in our community.


WEDNESDAYS AT 7, 8/19/20

The Emotional Freedom Technique: “Tapping”

Joni Miller presented this healing technique that combines principles of acupressure with psychology, helping the body relax by putting gentle pressure on various points on your upper body.  It’s active, easy to learn and is proven to help with anxiety, chronic pain, etc.  Joni led two tapping meditations.

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White Privilege: Let’s Talk

A sample from our 6 part study series.


WEDNESDAYS AT 7, 6/10/20

Intro to Genealogy

Mary Mannix provides an introduction to the basics of genealogy and offers guidance on the best way to begin your family history journey and has help for those who have lost their way.

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WEDNESDAYS AT 7, 3/25/20

Grace Notes presents Song Lyrics as Poetry

Several Grace “noters” introduce some favorite songs and why they are meaningful, read aloud as poetry and share a video of the song performed.

This is just a sample of the weekly gatherings.  We play bingo, share vacation memories, watch Broadway musicals and many more.  
Give Wednesdays at 7 a try!