Our Church Life Committee has led Rockville United Church in an abundant potpourri of Wednesday evening activities online since the COVID-19 virus.   We have played played games like Bingo and Scattergories.  We have enjoyed public art presentations, the history of Community Reach of Montgomery County, ways to relieve anxiety, Spiritual Geography and more.  We have worked hard learning about White Privilege. 



Community Reach of Montgomery County

An ambitious mission outreach was formed in 1967 as two local churches merged to become Rockville United Church. This gathering was led by RUC’s Donna Perry and some Community Reach staff who presented CR’s incredible history, what this RUC sibling is doing today to help the most vulnerable in our community and even some volunteer opportunities.

WEDNESDAYS AT 7, 8/19/20

The Emotional Freedom Technique: “Tapping” 

Joni Miller presented the Emotional Freedom Technique,  commonly known as tapping. It’s a healing technique that combines principles of acupressure with psychology, helping the body relax by putting gentle pressure on various points on your upper body.  It’s active, easy to learn and is proven to help with anxiety, chronic pain, phobias to name a few.  Joni goes through the basics, teaches the tapping points ad does two tapping meditations. For more information visit www.TheTappingSolution.com