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Church In Society Committee

Mission:  Church in Society reaches out to those in need locally, nationally and globally, sharing God’s love through our works inspired by faith.  Church in Society is responsible for organizing a number of annual projects, some exclusive to RUC and some part of a larger mission, as well as continuing to evaluate and recommend new Mission/Outreach opportunities for our congregation.   

We invite you to join our Church in Society Committee (CIS) for any of our mission work--and to bring us new ways we can help others outside our congregation. We are blessed to be a healthy, growing church and many of us joined RUC to give back. One of the best ways to get to know us--and for us is to get to know you--is to participate in the life of the church in addition to Sunday worship.  Come work with us sharing God's love.   See our Mission & Outreach.

page for our opportunities.  You will be welcomed!  

Click here for opportunities to serve.

A close companion to the Church in Society Committee is our Social Advocacy Committee.  They focus on societal change.

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