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Admministrated by the Church In Society Committee

Click Here for Opportunities to Serve

Mission is an important part of Rockville United Church. We were founded in 1967 when two churches merged in order to advocate for those in need in Rockville and Montgomery County.  From that beginning RUC created and led Community Ministries of Rockville (now Community Reach of Montgomery County).  We have created or participated in many outreach mission projects since.

We invite you to join our Church in Society Committee (CIS) for any of our mission work--and to bring us new ways we can help others outside our congregation. We are blessed to be a healthy, growing church and many of us joined RUC to give back. One of the best ways to get to know us--and for us is to get to know you--is to participate in the life of the church in addition to Sunday worship.  We invite you to join any of our Ministries  as well as participate with our Church in Society Committee. 

A close companion to the Church in Society Committee is our Social Advocacy Committee.  They focus on societal change.


You will be welcomed!  

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