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Grow the Circle Wide:
Capital Campaign.

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Our Grow the Circle Wide: Capital Campaign was exciting, lots of hard work, and above all, successful! Sometimes it seemed as though our financial target was a stretch—but we did it! Thanks to generous financial pledges and donations along with contributions of time and talent, we raised more than $1,000,000. Everyone who was involved with the Campaign, donors and workers, can be proud of what we accomplished in a few short months. 

So, where does the Campaign go from here? The Follow-up group is busy tracking pledge payments and projecting how much Campaign funding will be available over the next three years. Those projections will help the Council create a schedule to fulfill the four project goals: LGBTQ+ Support; Financial Stability; Outdoor Worship and Play space; Kitchen renovations. You can anticipate regular reports on the projects and their progress in the coming months. 

There is still plenty of time to make a pledge and help nudge the Campaign total a little higher. Please see the link to the fillable Letter of Intent below. Questions? Please contact Susan Kirby at Thanks!!! 


Campaign Projects

Campaign Information

outdoor projects

Outdoor Projects

PLAYGROUND - $325,000.

RUC is blessed with a large property that can be used to enhance our congregational life as well as the life of the community. And what child can resist a playground? A well-designed, safe play space will allow RUC and neighborhood children to be outside, getting the exercise that growing bodies need.


Creating an outdoor worship space just outside Kaseman Hall opens the possibility for not only worship experiences but also activities involving our neighbors.
Movie nights, neighborhood gatherings, weddings, and parties could become part
of the fabric of life at RUC.


Financial Responsibility


Pay down our construction loan and enlarge our reserve funds.  In order to ensure RUC’s financial future, it is prudent to pay down our construction loan and grow our reserve funds. The loan allowed us to make important repairs to the roof and replace the old windows, projects that needed to be done. Our aging church building will require other repairs, however, sometimes on an emergency basis. Reducing our debt and growing our reserve funds will help us to meet these challenges and stabilize our finances.

Kitchen Renovations


KITCHEN - $200,000

Our life as a church community has revolved around dinners, potluck suppers, pizza parties and coffee hours after church. Baptisms, weddings, birthday and anniversary celebrations, and funerals are followed by lunches or dinners. Outside groups that rent our space prepare food in our kitchen. The kitchen is in need of new appliances and improved storage space to meet the needs of all who use our kitchen.


LGBTQ+ Mission

lgbtq mission

LGBTQ+ MISSION - $120,000

Dedicate 10% of funds raised by the

Campaign to organizations that serve the LGBTQ+ community: $120,000


Our commitment to the LGBTQ+ community has been deep and wide since we first became an Open and Affirming/More Light congregation. As an expression of our continued commitment to working for justice for the LGBTQ+ community, we will contribute a portion of the funds that we raise to support organizations that provide services to youth and adults in the LGBTQ+ community.


Click the Video Box to watch and hear about the projects.

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