Sunday Activities 

Worship at 10:45 am

We are hosting our Sunday Worship using Zoom.  Gathering begins at 10:30 and live worship begins at 10:45.  You can join in the service at anytime by clicking the camera icon.

Church Life

Our Church Life group has been hard at work to plan events and activities for the coming church year.  These are open to all—as well as friends. 

“Wednesdays at 7”
Wednesday, October 14 at 7pm

Help For These Times
Do you find yourself shifting from anxious to panicked, angry to infuriated, depressed to despairing, tired to exhausted—sometimes all in the course of a single day? Are you looking for ways to tune it out or numb yourself? Wishing you could escape? You are experiencing normal reactions to the on-going trauma in which we find ourselves. This Wednesday at 7:00, Betsy Halsey will lead us in guided experiences aimed at calming our nervous systems and providing us with internal resources we can use on our own to create some inner stability in the midst of external chaos.
If you have a device that you can listen to with headphones while you ZOOM on another device, Betsy recommends that you download The Deep Sleep Music Delta Binaural from Amazon Music (or any other Binaural or bilateral music you like) for this group and your personal use. While highly recommended, it is not required.

Use this Zoom invite on Wednesday night to join us!


Meeting ID: 950 4487 3707

Please email the Pastor to get the password.

Grace Notes ~  Monday, October 12, 1pm

We will begin a chaplain’s memoir,  
Here if you Need Me by Kate Braestrup.  

“It is dramatic, funny, deeply moving, and simply unforgettable, an uplifting account about finding God through helping others, and the tale of the small miracles that occur every day when life and love are restored.”

We will discuss the first 2 chapters, but remember our rule:
you don’t have to read the book. Please join us.

Tuesday Morning Meditation

Tuesday, October 13, 11am

We will meet virtually via  phone/video conference. 

Contact Carlotta for details (Carlotta355@gmail.com)