Church in Society Mini Survey Results


In the Spring of 2020, the Church in Society (CIS) Committee sent out a mini survey to the congregation in the hopes of informing our local mission allocations and discerning the next big mission focus for Rockville United Church. The mini survey requested that respondents tell us what organizations they donate their time and/or talent to and why. In addition, the survey requested that respondents tell us what area of mission we should be focusing upon and why. A brief summary of the results, in bullet form, is provided here and a link to the full survey report is linked below.


Brief Survey Results:

  • Top organizations for time and talent focus on Multiple Services, Health and Development, or the Environment

  • Looking towards the future the areas to focus upon are the Environment, Healthcare, Housing, Community Reach and Food Insecurity

  • Responses: 49

  • Age of Survey Respondents – 78%  are >56 years; 8% are < 56; 14% are unknown


The survey results helped to guide the 2020 decisions for local mission organizations. However, some of the decisions were influenced by the ongoing pandemic. The following organizations were selected:

2020 Local Mission Allocations of $250-$500 each

CMR Kaseman Health Clinic -

CASA of Maryland -

Interfaith Works: Interfaith Clothing Center -

Manna Food

Rainbow Place Shelter

Gaithersburg Community Soup Kitchen (The Lord’s Table)


Poor People’s Campaign -

Rockville Bike Hub -

Natural Resources Defense Council -

I would like to thank the Church in Society committee members: Sharon Kemmerer, Sujata Ram and Carlotta Watkins for this tireless efforts in downloading, sorting and classifying the data; and Sharon Kemmerer for writing the final report. Without their dedication we would not have the information gleaned from this survey.


Finally, I would like to thank all the wonderful Volunteer Journey storytellers who inspired us each Sunday with their experiences with volunteer efforts of all kinds. Thanks go to Reverend Nancy Clark, Kate Clausen, Kathy Cook, Jean Gregory, Sharon Kemmerer, Frank Molony, Dr. Donna Perry, Donna Perry-Lalley, Ann Seltz, and Stephanie Wright.



Donna Perry-Lalley

CIS Elder

Please click HERE for a pdf of the Summary of the Church in Society Survey Results!