October 2018




I write you today with a call to support the beloved community of Rockville United Church (RUC) and

our mission activities close by and far away.  Let me start by asking:


What shall we bring?


From the parable of the talents, we learned that God wants us to share the resources and abilities that God has entrusted to us in ministry.  As Pastor Scott preached, let us bring money – of course, time – of course – abilities, talents, passions, missions, hopes, kindness – yes, yes, yes!  But don’t bring too little; don’t hide your gifts and bury them away, hidden from the light.


From the world of improvisation we learned, don’t bring too much!  As our guest Rev. McKibben Dana explained, we should bring a brick, not a cathedral. In other words, we each should bring part of the solution, “a brick”. 

It is not necessary to bring a fully-formed answer, “a cathedral”, and force it on others.  The best solutions come when each of us contributes. 


Rev. McKibben Dana also explained a key rule of improvisation: Yes, and. When improvising, participants receive what is offered and build upon it.  The result is expansive, with many possibilities. Each one adds something; each one joins with others and is not alone.  And the good news is that our God is a God of improvisation with a loving collaborative stance towards us.  God works with us to find the best outcome in every moment.


I hope you will bring an attitude of Yes, and as you consider the Challenge Budget for 2019 (summary enclosed).  It strengthens many wonderful aspects of RUC, as follows: 


  • Provides a cost of living increase for all staff

  • Increases Rev. Jennifer’s hours from 20 to 30 hours per week to serve the growing number of children at RUC

  • Reinstates a paid NOISY leader for RUC youth (thank you to Kelly Tate who served pro bono
    last year)

  • Increases funding for the Church Life Committee to offer new and continuing fellowship opportunities

  • Supports the music program with increased funds for sound equipment, sheet music, children’s music program, and substitute musicians when the music director is on leave.


Also enclosed is a pledge card; on its reverse is a description of different ways to pledge.


So as you contemplate your pledge, recall what Rev. McKibben Dana offered to us.  Sometimes we think others can do better, that others have more talents, and so we wait.  But we can share, even if we only have one talent.  So step into the brave space and bring your talents to RUC.  For the most important answer to What shall we bring? is What have we done with our talents?




Elizabeth Cooper-Martin, Elder for Stewardship

For a 2019 Pledge card, click here.

Time, Treasure and Talent

Rockville United Church is almost fully sustained by the generosity of its members and guests through donations made as part of the worship service, annual pledges and memorial gifts.


This generosity supports our mission projects, our worship and pastoral care as well as the needs of

our physical plant and land.   Our church budget allows us to sustain and grow our programs in the community and within the congregation, to support our staff and to provide ongoing maintenance and improvements to our facility.  Your gift is truly transformative.


Sharing your financial wealth is important of course, but so is your contribution of time and talent.  Most of our programs are created and managed by members of the congregation.  New mission projects are most often championed by a member.  Similarly the talents of our members are bountiful, from maintaining the church and landscape to providing meals for those in need as well as for church events, teaching our children and youth, providing worship music, caring for the sick and so much more.


So please support RUC with your time, treasure and talent!


Financial Stewardship

Our budget is raised through an annual Stewardship Campaign that takes place each fall.  We ask that you give as you are able and pledge so that we may plan the next year’s activities.


For a 2018 Pledge card, click here.


RUC also encourages electronic giving. You can make a one-­time gift or set up an ongoing monthly transaction using PayPal or your credit card.  


To plan a legacy gift, please contact the chair of our Financial Ministry.