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What We Do

Record and circulate
   minutes of Council and    Congregational
   meetings following the    Presbyterian Book of

Submit Council minutes
    book and membership    records for annual

Ensure that minutes capture
   important information
   about the life of the
   church including changes
   in membership,
   performance of
   sacraments, church
   business, personnel

  matters and motions

Submit necessary reports
   to the Presbytery

Get Involved!

The best way to get involved here is to speak up!


If you've ever considered serving on Council but would rather not chair a committe, the Secretary position could be an ideal fit. As with any of our other Ministries, you should always feel free to seek out the current Secretary if you have questions.

The RUC Council Secretary's projects are ongoing throughout the year. There is no associated committee, but the Secretary is responsible for taking minutes at all Council and Congregational meetings.


The Secretary also works with the Membership Committee to record new information to the Church membership rolls (births, deaths, new members, etc.) This information is then shared with the National Capital Presbytery and the Potomac Association.


If you have a passion for organizing a turn as Council Secretary may be for you!

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