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As a congregation, we value God's call to Sabbath, to retreat from work, to worship, to periods of silence, for art, nature, meditation, friendship.  We have a number of regular retreat opportunities and are quite open to more.

All-Church Retreat  

This intergenerational retreat takes place at Camp Pecometh and is relaxing and renewing! You can do as much—or as little—as you want.  Worship, sandcastle building, model “recycled” boat building, reading, relaxation, canoeing, games, singing, fishing, leaf painting, star gazing, hay ride, s'mores, nature watching, hiking, photography, reading, napping-- time to just be. The two-night retreat is on a beautiful bank of the Chester River.  It's a great way to get to know people in the church and very welcoming to new members!

Women's Retreat 

This is a special gathering--one of the most relational and spiritual events of Rockville United Church.  Our women retreat to pray, to build relationship, to learn spiritual practices.  Beautiful people, good food, great leaders make this a significant part of RUC's life.  Open and welcoming to all women over the age of 24.   

NOISY Youth Retreat

Exciting times for our youth to enjoy each other, with marvelous outdoor adventures, thematic learning, and all ways campfires and s’mores.

Council Retreat

Held annually so that each new Council can get to know one another, grow in leadership and discipleship and plan the church year.

Women's Breakfast and Men's Breakfast

Monthly events of good fellowship and great breakfasts.

Check the church e-newsletter, the Friday Buzz, for dates and locations.

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