The No-Hate Initiative is a grass-roots group exploring ways that our Rockville United Church congregation can make a positive difference in stopping hate in our community, country and world.   We expect to learn and act to prevent violence, racism, Islamophobia, bullying, LGBTQ discrimination, etc.  We have just launched the initiative and welcome all to be involved in changing the world in which we live. 

Current Projects

Attend the Montgomery County Police LGBTQ Community Meeting on Wednesday, April 11, 7-9 pm at the MCPD 2nd District Station, 4823 Rugby Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814.

Participate with our NOISY teens in the March for our Lives on 

Saturday, March 24th, on Pennsylvania Avenue in DC.  Check out the details with our youth leaders.

We are acting to:

  • Give out rainbow "NO-Hate Initiative:  Share the LOVE" wristbands  to the community, including the Montgomery County Police Department.  Please pick one up at the RUC Welcome Table.

  • Start a PFLAG chapter at RUC for the Hispanic community.

  • Support the new MoCo Pride Center.

  • Help host a training session for the Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition's Bystander Intervention Workshop at RUC. Learn how to deescalate hate/bias situations.

  • Look on this page for future demonstrations and protests.

  • Create "NO-Hate: Share the LOVE banners" and yard signs for RUC.  

  • Reach out to Muslim community on a shared project.


Get Involved!

Do not be MEAN in 18!  Throw kindness around like confetti! It's the little things we do that make all the difference!


Dream, brainstorm, envision!  Keep your eyes and ears open for ideas!


Demonstrate peacefully to protest actions against those who differ from you in race, creed, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity.  Stay tuned for update on marches and other activities.  

Together we will make a difference -- one small step at a time