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Welcome to Rockville United Church, a place of worship for everyone: people of all races, creeds, sexual orientations, gender identities or expressions, economic circumstances: adults, teens, and little ones.


We come from a variety of faith backgrounds: besides Presbyterian and United Church of Christ, some of us were Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Unitarian, and other denominations. Consequently, we are a theologically diverse group.  Some of us are brand new; excited to be beginning our journeys of faith.  Others of us are long-time members curious and still searching for answers.  Many of us have felt unloved and rejected by our home churches.  Wherever you are in your journey, we welcome you!

At RUC, we value God and experience God’s exuberant and healing love. We profess a belief in a greater power and seek to understand the true meanings of the teachings of Jesus. We are a compassionate, mission-oriented congregation where life is celebrated through worship and programs that let us put our faith into action.


Our Statement of Faith

We covenant with God and with each other to be a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and the United Church of Christ. 


Grateful for our particular traditions within the larger body of Christ, we are working for a coming church that will be truly catholic, truly reformed, and truly evangelical.  We are open to and affirming of all people of faith, regardless of race, gender, age, class, ability, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression. 


We will order our common life according to the insights of the Gospel as we have received it through the witness of scripture and church tradition, and as we experience its unfolding truth in our time. 


We seek to be a reconciling and caring community working for the liberation of all persons and striving to foster among everyone patterns of individual and corporate responsibility.  In our coming and going together, we will dedicate our efforts to increase the love of God and neighbor among all people -- adults, youth, and children.

Joining RUC

New to the church?  Been here awhile?  Are you interested in a greater connection?  Please let Pastor Scott or the Church Office know.  


Our marvelous Membership Committee hosts Inquirers/New Members Classes where you can learn more about Rockville United Church and our denominations, share your faith journey, and ask questions.  Once you have attended the class (one session only), you can choose whether you wish to join or not.  We put no pressure on you to join as we consider this a personal decision between you and God.   If a class doesn't work for your schedule, you can meet with the Pastor and Membership Chair privately.


If you wish to join, tell us about yourself, so that we can connect you within the congregation.  We will assign you a sponsor, who will introduce you to others, invite you to activities, and be there to guide you if you wish.   During a worship service, Pastor Scott and the congregation will receive you into membership.  We will welcome you with joy and thanksgiving as we become partners in the vital ministries of Rockville United Church.   


If you get excited about joining us and don't see a class on the calendar, please tell us!!!  We will respond.

Vision for Our Children & Youth

We strive to welcome everyone and to accommodate the needs of members and visitors. Below is a list of our accomodations.

  • Food (and Alcohol)

    • Communion: The Cup is non-alcoholic grape juice, and the Bread is regular and gluten-free.

    • Children (and Adults)

      • Our nursery is run by a dedicated teacher and staffed with additional RUC volunteers.

      • The nursery is open for children ages 0-3 at every Sunday service, year-round.

      • Sunday school is offered for children in preschool through middle school from September until June.

      • Child care is provided for many of our fellowship events.

      • If your children are more comfortable staying with you in worship, you are of course welcome to keep them with you.

      • Both bathrooms, including our all-gender bathroom, on our ground level have baby-changing tables.  

  • Mobility

    • There is accessible parking close to our entrance.

  • Vision

    • Large print bulletins are available at every service.

  • Hearing

    • We have hearing assistance devices available for services.

We want children to have fun and feel they are part of our community.


We work toward this goal with sharing during our opening and closing circles in Sunday school, allowing time for fun and games, and providing opportunities for intergenerational and all-church activities.


We want children to gain ample religious literacy.


We work toward this goal by using a curriculum based on multiple intelligence methods (song, movement, drama etc.,) to convey the stories and values of our Christian heritage.  We engage in conversation and field trips to learn about other religions, emphasizing that “many rivers lead to the well.”


We aim to prepare children to become adult Christians (should they choose the Christian path) who are lovingly engaged in justice-seeking and peacemaking in the world. We help children become sensitive, moral and joyful people who have integrity and spiritual insight.

We work toward this goal by providing opportunities for children to witness their church community live out its faith and by personally modeling this behavior as we teach and serve.

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