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For the season of Lent and towards Easter we will focus on Creation Stewardship with each Sunday serving as an Earth Day.  

Lenten Sundays

March 12th, 2nd Lent

Our Self - Pastor Scott preaching.  With Carey Creed, Marc Donnelly and the Sanctuary Choir singing  For the Beauty of the Earth by J. Rutter

March 19th, 3rd Lent

Guest Preacher, Joelle Novey, Director of Interfaith Power and Light (IPL)

With Carey Creed (Colors of the Wind), Marc Donnelly and the Sanctuary Choir

March 26th, 4th Lent

Our Heart: Pastor Scott preaching and a Garbage Art Project for all ages

Sanctuary Choir singing Psalm 23 by Philip Dietterich

April 2nd, 5th Lent

Our Responsibility: Pastor Scott preaching and following worship a Testimony of Susan Drilea on Composting.  With guest musicians Jody Marshall and Carey Creed

April 9th, Palm/Passion Sunday

Passion Readers Theatre, written by Kevin Smith. We need 4 readers.  Please let Pastor Scott is you are willing to meet before worship to rehearse with Kevin and then lead us in worship.  Joe Dulany is the first reader to volunteer.  Sanctuary Choir singing Pie Jesu byAndrew Lloyd Webber and Set Me As A Seal Upon Thine Heart byWilliam Walton

April 13, Maundy Thursday

Living Faith Lutheran Church will join us. The joint choirs will sing Asperges Me by Anton Bruckner

April 16, Easter Sunday.  Brass, Sanctuary Choir singing Weep No More by David Childs

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