Video Sermons  
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"Let Down Your Nets"

Rev. Scott Winnette

February 10, 2019


Special Snow Day Worship

various leaders

January 13, 2019

"Whose Face Is It in the Mirror?"

Carroll Saussy

December 23, 2018

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"Seeing Kinder Days"

Rev. Scott Winnette

November 11, 2018

"Wild Obedience"

Rev. Scott Winnette

November 4, 2018


"Abundantly with Sophia"

Rev. Scott Winnette

October 28, 2018

Printed Sermons

God's Mission is Blessing
Genesis 12:1-3 & 2 Corinthians 9:6-15

October 6, 2019

Rev. Scott Winnette

“And all the people of the earth will be blessed through you.”  Great Holy made this potent “you are about blessing everybody” promise to Abram.  Big Holy’s blessing through Abram is a metaphor; Abram represents humanity.  Abram is a rerun, a redo name for Adam, a refresher name again pointing to God’s hope for humanity...

Praying in Secret
Matthew 6: 5-10

September 29, 2019

Dr. Joni Miller

This is a story about love. Oh I know, it’s not going to sound much like it’s about love when I start talking about the day I walked out of my former church and never returned. That’ll make you think it’s a story about dissatisfaction or theological differences or burnout. But I’m telling you … this is really a story about love...

Street Wise as Serpents
Luke 16: 1-13

September 22, 2019

Rev. Scott Winnette

Today’s dishonest-then-discounting-cook-the-books---fired-then-praised manager story is the most consternation-building, head-scratching, turn-the-page-to-another-story-PLEASE of the parables.   What did/does Jesus mean?  It very well can mean many things.  Most plain readings seem unseemly, immoral.   When faced with a parabolic interpretive conundrum test your interpretations by the rule of love...

Diversity: The Soil of Delightful Life
Job 12: 7-9

September 8, 2019

Rev. Scott Winnette

The Summer Sabbatical was sunny and muddy, mentally restful and corporeally sweaty.  Days began slowly; evenings ended early.  In the four months I/We wove metaphysical chrysalis, we rested in metaphorical cocoon and we begin again today to emerge new people.  Soon we may see our new sabbath-painted-rainbow-butterfly wings...

Living in the Universal Christ
Colossians 1: 15-20

July 28, 2019

Carroll Saussy

Imagine Jesus, a good Jew, praying these lines from Psalm 138: 

“You dwell in me, in the Holy Temple of all souls;

my gratitude knows no bounds!

For You are the Holy one, the Breath of our breath.

On the day that I called, You answered me;

the strength of my soul You increased…

You are a very Presence as I face my fears and doubts;

Your strength upholds me.”           

          Jesus’ psalm and our psalm...

Peaceable Places

Isaiah 55:12, Matthew 5:9, Luke 12:27

July 21, 2019

Rev. Jennifer Knutsen

This morning we are focusing our attention on a small piece of ground in front of our church. 

Situated right in the middle of our parking lot — a bit of unpaved earth planted with flowers, grasses and ferns, and a Peace Pole.... 

Sharing the Mantle: Holy Friendship

2 Kings 2:1-14

June 30, 2019

Rev. Jennifer Knutsen

There is a lot of drama swirling around in the story we heard from 2 Kings this morning.

Two prophets with names that sound almost the same—

the older one — Elijah

the younger one — Elisha

A journey from one town or region to the next — Gilgal, to Bethel, to Jericho, to the Jordan

A whirlwind, a chariot of fire, and horses of fire

A mantle that has the power to split a river in two...