Virus Updates

This is a challenging time for all of us.  At RUC, we're working to keep connected by making our worship and gatherings online.  You can connect using Zoom, using your phone or computer.  Directions are attached below.  We also usually can offer some technical help for the Sunday Worship if you email Pastor Scott at  We'll be using this page to provide updates on the COV19 virus, but also on the many ways to help ease the strain of quarantine and stay in touch with each other.  Please share your knowledge and ideas with us and each other.

COVID-19 Resources Facebook page shared by RUC members

Faces Places
For those who enjoyed Liesel Fenner’s presentation on public art (available on the website), you may also enjoy the Oscar winning documentary, Faces Places.

Online games, quiz nights, happy hours and other things to do at home during the coronavirus outbreak -
The Washington Post

WETA's Stuck at Home Survival Guide

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Streamers and TV nerds

Recommendations from the NYT Watching newsletter. which makes recommendations about what to watch.

Worldwide Covid19 map

PSA on Safe Groceries

Maryland Department of Health Virus Updates