To date, RUC and friends have raised $44,539.78.  Together with New Vision United Church of Canada in Hamilton, ON, we have met and surpassed our goal - enough  to bring a Syrian Refugee family of 5, known to New Vision, to Hamilton ON.

There is still time to donate!  Use the button below and help bring families to safety.

Syrian Refugee Project (SRP) Update


The Syrian Refugee Project task force had an e-meeting with our counterparts from New Vision United Church of Canada (Hamilton, ON) March 31, 2020.  The family of five we are helping wait in Turkey near the Syrian border, a troubled place.  The baby turns two this month.  The father has been working as a deliveryman and Lyft-type driver, but the latter has been curtailed due to Covid-19.  Their rent has increased 25% as there is a housing shortage with ever-increasing demand by other refugees.  New Vision  continues its advocacy with the Canadian government for the family’s relocation to Hamilton.  The procedure is slowed as Canada completes its process and international travel is halted. 


For now, there are enough funds to help the family with rent beyond the amount required by Canada for the family’s entry and one year’s expenses there.  It is possible that more funds will need to be raised in the future.  If you are so moved now, we are still receiving donations.  

Donations can be made using the "Give Online" button or by mailing a check.  Please make the check out to Rockville United Church and put "Syrian Refugee Project" in the memo line.  The mailing address is:

Rockville United Church

355 Linthicum Street

Rockville MD, 20851


Please continue to pray for this family.

Rev. Denise Giacomozzi, SRP Coordinator

Ibrahim & Yara