Outdoor Projects

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If we can create an outdoor fellowship space (deck or terrace) that serves as a transition between the inside and outside, we can extend the life of the congregation into nature and into the neighborhood. A deck or terrace could be a place where we gather to picnic, watch movies together, and provide live music for ourselves and neighbors. A gazebo or pergola could enhance our ability to rent our facilities and provide a focus for ceremonial use (weddings, blessing of the animals and other worship opportunities). It would lessen the image of our church as an isolated building on a hill and create a sense of invitation.

-Deck behind Fellowship Hall

-New doors out to deck or terrace

-Civil engineer

-Gazebo or pergola possibly

-Site preparation and landscaping

We envision the playground as an interactive art and play center, accessible and intergenerational. It should have play equipment, natural landscape elements, sensory experiences (e.g., chimes) and provide opportunities for artistic expression for the children and adults of the congregation and local artists.

The unique elements of our proposed art and play center differentiate it from other playgrounds in the neighborhood (e.g., Twinbrook Recreation Center) and so could attract our neighbors to enjoy it.

The cost estimate includes design, site clearing, landscaping, equipment, and surfacing materials. A modular approach is possible; once land is properly prepared, over time we can add more pieces of equipment or areas for engagement and interaction.