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June/July Council Echoes

Even though I have not written an article since May, the Council has been meeting and dealing with RUC's business.  In May, we finalized committee assignments as follows:


President - Chris Frentrup

Administration and Personnel - Denise Rozell

Building - John Abrahams

Church in Society - Donna Perry

Church Life - Open

Communications& Technology - Janine Rauscher

Congregational Care - Phyllis Windle

Earthcare - Sylvia Batzler

Faith Formation - Stacey Hagy

Finance - Bill Kirby

Membership - Open

Social Justice - Jim Skinner

Stewardship - Halley Fehner

Worship & Music - Open


The Nominating Committee will be looking to fill the three open positions, but for now, those committees continue to work with staff, and their budget spending is reviewed by Bill Kirby or Chris Frentrup.


The Council also reviewed the projects proposed for the Grow the Circle Wide Capital Campaign.  We decided to prioritize  the outdoor projects (the interactive play center and the fellowship space), kitchen, and paying off the roof loan and building up a financial reserve.  In addition, we decided to dedicate 10 percent of any money raised in the campaign to an LGBTQ shelter.  The campaign will be headed up by Susan Kirby, who will provide monthly reports to the Council on the progress of the campaign.


At our June meeting, we approved paying down the balance on our roof loan by the full amount of money available in the Roof Fund.  This will reduce the total interest we must pay over the life of the loan. In light of the recent mass shootings, we also discussed our safe building policy, and directed the Building committee to review the policy and recommend any needed changes.


In our July meeting, we reviewed the Treasurer's 2nd Quarter report, which showed the revenues were coming in as expected, while the expenses were lower than expected, giving us a budget surplus through the first half of this year.  Bill Kirby reviewed the schedule for developing the 2023 budget for the Stewardship campaign.


Chris Frentrup

Council President


Living Faith Food Pantry

RUC partners with Living Faith in their mission to feed those with food insecurity in our area. They are serving 100-120 Families each week since the Pandemic began.  With donations, each bag of food is about $10 and going up with the increasing costs of food.  The following are shelf stable foods their clientele can and will use:

  • Boxed Milk

  • Cereal

  • Oatmeal

  • Canned Corn

  • Canned Black Beans

  • Canned fruit

  • Cooking Oil

  • Dried black beans

  • Bags of Rice

If you would like to contribute food items, they can either be dropped in the outside secure green drop box, or delivered to the church on the third Saturday of the month between 12-1PM.


You can also send them a check and designate it to the Food Pantry.  Living Faith does “shop” for additional items and some fresh foods. 


Anything perishable or is not what the families will use, that is left, goes to Manna Food.


If you wish to help pack bags and distribute, please contact the Living Faith administrative office.

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Helping the Texas and Arizona Migrants


The governors and ICE on the Texas and Arizona borders are sending busloads of Migrants who have come across the border, to the Washington, DC and Maryland area.  1500 Migrants per month have been coming to this area.  Volunteers from SAMU First Response have been meeting the Texas busses at Union Station and Arizona busses will come into Maryland.  The people brought to the shelters are women, women and families with children, and those who need medical care.  If that number exceeds the number of cots in the Montgomery County shelter on E. Gude Drive, the single men who are left are sent onto the streets, sometimes with a blanket.


The Church in Society Committee is sponsoring this opportunity to find ways to help.  We are already using the ‘profits’ from our Fair Trade sales to develop a Therapeutic Play Center at the shelter on E. Gude Drive.  There are individual ways to help or volunteer.  There are ways we can collect items needed by the shelter.


Come and listen to the coordinator, Amy Hammond, on Wednesday, July 27 at 7.  Partners from the faith communities in the Reach Faith Advisory Committee will join us.  Amy will we speaking about the needs of the people, how to help, and a brief orientation for those who want to volunteer.  She will also discuss how a few other faith communities have been able to help.

Don't forget: Prior to signing up for serving, you must complete one of our orientation sessions. Once you have done that and submitted the volunteer agreement forms, you are free to set your own schedule for volunteering. We have new orientation sessions being added soon, including some in Washington, DC and even virtual sessions! Keep your eyes peeled for those opportunities. 


And please help us spread the word on volunteering with us (sign up here), donating supplies (those needs are here), funds (make a donation here) or clothing. We’ve partnered with Goods for Good DC to do a massive DMV-wide clothing drive. You can find donation locations and a list of items we can and cannot accept here.


Thank you,

Donna R Perry, MD

Chair, Church in Society

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