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Welcome New Members Frances Limon & Dan Hockensmith

(Joined Sunday, June 26th)

Dan wrote in his bio info: ”Frances brought me to RUC through our shared desire to be part of a Christian church that is welcoming to all and has a social conscience.”   Within weeks of attending RUC, they have already joined the new Social Justice Committee where Dan is monitoring environmental justice and Fran women’s issues.  Frances has also joined the Membership Committee.


Frances was born in Mexico City and came to Rockville via Venezuela, Alabama, California, DC, and Virginia.  Dan was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has lived also in Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, and Virginia. 


Dan works in communications for a trade association that represents the recycling industry and Frances for International Baccalaureate.  Fran likes to read, listen to music, and loves to volunteer in our community.  Dan considers puttering his hobby; he does yardwork, reads, watches TV, and walks around the DC metro area seeing the sights.


Dan finds becoming a more centered person who can give and receive love brings him happiness.  Her relationship with Dan, her cats (Dobby and Luna), and helping others brings happiness to Frances.


In response to the question, “If you had the power to change one single thing in this world, what would it be?”, Frances says, “Access to clean water for the entire world.”  Dan replies, “I would like everyone in this world to have enough to eat and drink because you can’t think straight or learn, much less act, on an empty belly.”


Susan and Bill Kirby are their sponsors.

Social Advocacy Committee

The Sierra Club’s Maryland Chapter has and is compiling their endorsements for political candidates.  Click HERE to access their resources.

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