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We have more than 8000 sq ft of space available to rent for small or large groups. We have generous on-site parking and kitchen facilities for single events or long-term rentals.  

  • Weddings and Receptions

  • Meetings and Conferences

  • Birthday and Anniversary Parties

  • Community Events

  • Recitals and Concerts

  • Classes, Workshops and Seminars

  • Memorial Services

Rooms & Facilities


2900 sq ft with flexible seating,

RUC's Sanctuary has excellent acoustics and a new piano.  Seats 260 persons.


1895 sq ft

Accomodates 237 persons in chairs, up to 110 at tables and chairs


From 255 to 756 sq ft

with flexible seating

Floor Plans
Rental Guidelines

To inquire about available dates and times, fee schedule, and to reserve space, contact the Church Administrator at 301-424-6733 or RUC reserves the right to turn down requests and to set additional fees as needed. The Fellowship Hall and/or Kitchen are not rented for regular use on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evening.


Alcoholic beverages can be served only if prior permission has been granted by the church council.


The piano may be used as long as the cover is replaced after use. Request for the use of the organ will be referred to the Director of Music for a decision.


Only the approved space(s) may be used. Use of rooms other than as agreed will result in loss of returnable security deposit and/or user will be assessed an additional fee.


Respect our church neighbors; avoid creating noise or other disturbances in parking lots or other areas of the church property that would infringe on the privacy or quiet of our neighborhood.


All children must have adequate adult supervision: 2 adults minimum supervision at all times (1 adult/4 children). RUC events must follow the safe church child protection policy.


All groups shall be responsible for the cost of replacing or repairing broken or missing equipment and/or damage to the facility. Otherwise they risk forfeiture of security & key deposit.


All groups shall be responsible for setting up and returning rooms used to their original condition both in terms of arrangement and in picked-up and broom-swept condition.


All trash and recyclables (co-mingled) must be removed to the receptacles in the back parking lot at the close of event.



  • No food or beverages are permitted in the Sanctuary.

  • No smoking allowed inside of church building.

  • No illegal drugs, or other illegal activities in or around church premises.

  • No throwing of confetti, rice or birdseed inside or outside the church.


User cancellation policy: User must notify the church office of cancellation no later than three business days prior to meeting/event.

RUC Cancellation policy: RUC reserves the right to cancel a user’s booking by giving two weeks' cancellation notice to user.

In the event of inclement weather or other emergencies, RUC will follow closing policies of Montgomery County Public Schools &/or Montgomery County Government. If MCPS &/or MoCo is closed, the RUC building will be closed.

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