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Building & Grounds

What We Do

Develop and manage the budget required to provide annual maintenance and improvements

Develop and implement annual plan for repairs and upgrades

Identify, select and oversee outside contractors as required

Create and manage a capital improvement plan and budget to address major upgrades and repairs

Organize volunteer work groups to perform as much of the needed work as possible

Manage reoccurring work such as lawn and garden care, snow removal etc.

Respond to any emergencies concerning the physical plant

Coordinate and gain council approval for all congregational gifts for the improvement of the physical plant

Current Projects

Work Day

  • Clean up church property (pick up sticks, pull weeds, pick up garbage, etc.)

  • Replace broken fan motors

  • Clean windows

  • Replace stained ceiling tiles

  • Paint baseboards in restrooms

  • Paint radiator covers in downstairs

  • Throw away broken desks

Get Involved!

There are a multitude of ways that one can help with Building and Grounds.  Here are a few:

Attend.  Attend the monthly meeting that takes place on the last Tuesday of every month at 7:30 at RUC.

Volunteer.  Take part in our bi-annual work days in which we do small maintenance, yardwork, cleaning…etc.

Observe.  If you see something broken within RUC, please contact the Building & Grounds team so that something may be done.

Childcare.   Provide childcare during the bi-annual work days so that parents of younger children are able to assist with the work day.

Work Day


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